Sunday, March 11, 2018

Gnomespun Mountain Paths

So, THIS has been a journey.  I spun the Gnomespun first and plied it with plain undyed; yielded just over 8oz/510yd.

Holy yardage!!! 

Spinning the plies took days and days and days.  Granted., I did have other projects on the wheel, but, when I count the time spinning each project, I find I'm counting the time each is on their respective bobbins.  That being noted, the other stuff still didn't take as long.

Much of the time was spent lovingly pre-drafting the roving.  This is a beautiful variegated roving and I knew that while I was not going to ply it onto itself, fully intending to marl it with the undyed, I was, going to make sure that each colour was going to be unique and have its own place in the single as it was being spun.  Even at that, was looking at the roving and pulling another length to predraft and then spin and repeat and repeat and repeat --  and it still kept coming.  Of course, I enjoyed the process and loved every minute of getting that twist into the fibres and watching the strands being made and then being pulled onto the bobbin.

Plying took an accumulated approximate five hours spread over four mornings before work.  It was neverending. Not counting the days and days of spinning both plies, I ended up still with not enough of the undyed top, so, I had to rob from the cops of my dealgean, Navajo spindle, and drop spindle. I finally ended up with this lovely marled yarn.  

It took three mini baths just to shift the dirt from its making; it soaked overnight to set the twist and took a couple days' hanging to dry afterward.

I don't recall if I've ever spun Domestic Debouillet, but, it's not so horrible.  It's a nice break from my beloved Romney.

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