Thursday, March 16, 2017

Winter Blast, Re-carded Wool, and Mormons

At work, the other day was a bad day.  That's all I can say about it -- no consolation -- it was simply a bad day; and bad days happen.  Between being short-staffed and extra client concerns about the call centres handling their special instructions during the multiple closures due to the storm, internal strife was extremely high today.  When a third of the clients along the East Coast are out and turning the phones to the agents, inter-departmental bickering would best wait until after things have settled down.
...but no. 

While I was dealing with several agent issues and errors in dispatching messages, etc.,  I have two different people from our sales department feel the need to run the show with their issues.  The worst thing that can ever happen in a large corporation with several departments is for one department to begin to tell those from another what to do -- not only the act, itself but, even worse, to copy the client in an email -- making themselves out to attempting to look good and the rest of us naughty little children that need to do our jobs like we're supposed to do; and even worse than that -- to BLIND copy your boss and you are on the verge of getting written up.

Management in any capacity isn't all its cracked up to be.  You get it from all ends.

After logging out, after supper, I thought a nice bit of spinning would help, but, I seemed to be more tense than usual and so, I ended up with a lot broken yarn and bits and pieces filling the top of my spinning trunk more than what was being spun into yarn.  I realised right then and there that I needed to calm my nerves and relax just enough to do the thing that was going to relax me and take away my tension built up over the past ten hours; kind of priming the pump.

So, the first thing I did was throw my spindle onto the bat of wool on the couch and go take a shower.  If I were to hold that thing one more second, I was probably going to do worse than just throw it.  While I was in the shower, I just let the water run over me and try to wash my tension away -- some of it.

A thought came to me:  I can use my brand new carders to card out all of that stringy mess and re-spin the wool!  Since an overpayment to the State of Maine was made from my wages in the form of taxes was returned to me, a trip to Halcyon in Bath afforded me a few tools, including a set of carders as my plans for the future are to get some raw fleeces for a good price and I needed to practice carding anyway, having never done it before.  I also had a bat of wool that was somewhat carded on a drum carder, but, still needed a bit of work, so, I decided to practice with that.

My first place to go, of course, was the YouTube so that I could see some demonstrations on wool carding.  What was I to behold before typing in the search for carding wool?  The Mormon Tabernacle Choir's most recent episode of "Music And The Spoken Word"  I actually quite like that program (different story for different time) and I love hearing the songs and hymn by such a beautiful choir, so I opened a new tab with the program and then stopped the stream and went back to watching demonstrations on carding wool and immediately began carding both the wool from the bat and the monstrous bits that came from earlier in the day.

...and then onto the Choir!  Something moved me about them and just finding them by happenstance on the front page of the YouTube -- something was asking me to do exactly what I was doing.  Rolag after rolag, song after song, and in between it all, gazing out into the beautiful, heavenly snowstorm -- three hours later, I ended up spinning the entire bat and was ready to ply it!  My nerves and my spirit were well rested and at peace.
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